Figure guide you

Figures can play a crucial role in guiding towards success.

By analyzing data, individuals can identify patterns and trends, which can inform decisions and lead to more effective strategies.

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Synchronise business

Core value

Shukri Yusof & Co. or SYNC is dedicated to helping entrepreneur to understand the language of business through figure, ratio, report and other financial instruments.

The core of business is decision-making under uncertainty.  Managers have limited information and can’t predict the future, yet they have to constantly make decisions about what a company should do tomorrow, next year, and next decade.

In order to support decision-making under uncertainty, the languages of accounting (historical information), finance (forward-looking information), and economics (external forces) all help managers make better decisions.

Our mission is simple: We listen, observe and help business person to understand their problem in simple portraits. We connect data, people and build business synergy ecosystem toward client objective and goal. 

Our Dedicate Team

We are committed to providing affordable accounting solutions to small businesses. We help business owners make informed financial decisions and eliminate the headache of bookkeeping and taxes so they can focus on growing their business.

Muhamad Shukri Yusof C.A(M)

Managing Partner

Nur Sabrina Mohamed Dali C.A(M)


Mohammad Zain Hasim


Azie Raznie Abdul Ghani


Fatin Najwa Muhammad Firdaus C.A(M)

Financial Analyst

Siti Maisarah Ariffin

Account Analyst

Nurul Zawanah Badrol Hisam

Account Analyst

Vishnu Kalimuthu

Account Analyst

Nurazim Badri Zainuddin Badri

Account Analyst

Nasuha Mohd Nizam

Account Analyst

Izziatul Amira Izzudin

Account Analyst

Nurul Liyana Anuar

Account Analyst

Anisa Begam Ajmeerali

Account Analyst

Ahmad Muttaqin Abdul Rahim

Account Analyst

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Our highly trained, the bilingual team can help your business flourish with their specialised expertise in Malaysian taxes, accounting standart and much more.

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Get a dedicated accountant to help with your personalised needs and queries, so you always feel you are in safe hands.

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Our team will work around your availability to make sure your accounts are taken care of without any hassle, so you can focus on your business

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